Hi I'm Erik Toro, an artist based in Sweden. I believe that music is a chance to make a difference. 

Currently the single FLY is competing in P3 Osignat. PLEASE VOTE!!!! Proceeds from the music goes to UNHCR, Friends, and more. Special thanks to all of my collaborators.

In 2016 we won the Final of Svensktoppen Nästa in Stockholm with the next single "Bring Out the Love"! The single is now available on Spotify. Congratulations to the team: Dimpker Brothers, Markus Videsäter, Scandinavian Horns, Tensta Strings, and the Band and Choir. Next step is hopefully Melodifestivalen, then Eurovision, then the stars! 

I am the founder of Unga Artister Mot Rasister, a music network that organises Concerts against racism and also Sing for Rights, a new choir movement. I also collaborate with the Raoul Wallenberg Academy, Open Water Events with Friends, The Swedish Church, among other organisations and mentioned in International/United States OUT Magazine, DN, and played on Canadian, British, US, and Swedish Radio.